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Features That Work for You

Using Leadberry, marketers can convert website visitors to live sales leads without relying on technical teams or dealing with I.T. bottlenecks. See how Leadberry can make your website more effective and help outperform your competition.


Identify companies
that visited your website

Go from anonymous visitors to knowing specific organizations behind page views. Powered by our proprietary algorithm, Leadberry allows you to see which companies were interested in your services.

company information

Beyond company names, a vast array of prospect data is compiled by Leadberry: website url, industry category, general company bio and all the company’s social media pages!

People data

Besides company data, Leadberry also grabs you information about company operatives! Names, positions, phone numbers, e-mail addresses to the right people at the organization, common LinkedIn contacts, Facebook & Twitter profiles are available for you, so you can pick the right decision maker right away and take action!

Visitor metrics

Leadberry helps you decide how serious a visitor's interest is regarding your services/products. See the source and number of visits, time spent on your website and visited pages that the prospect viewed on your company's website.
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LinkedIn connections
for social selling

Leadberry will also display the LinkedIn page of the visiting company. You will receive LinkedIn connections within the prospect organization, as well as 2nd, 3rd degree connections and common group members making social selling easier.

Real-time alerts

You don't need to be logged in to the tool, Leadberry will alert you when a prospect organization viewed your website. It will continuously monitor your website and send e-mail alerts when a prospect arrives to your site. Alert e-mails are customizable so you’ll be notified only about the prospects you care about.

Robust filtering system

With Leadberry's continuously developed and highly sophisticated filtering algorithm, only real, relevant companies will show up on your screen. Internet service providers and spammers are filtered out automatically. You can filter your leads based lead name, pageviews, time on site, visited URL(s), campaign parameters, geo-location and traffic source/medium.

Detailed reporting

Leadberry's reporting structure is clear, concise and shows you the most up-to-date information on your sales prospects, generated through the software. You can also export all the data to CSV or XLS files any time.

Connect to
your favorite sales tools

Use Leadberry’s integrations to connect Leadberry with your favorite CRMs, email automatization, reporting & prospecting tools. Our direct integration list grows by the week and we support connection through Zapier as well.

Explore Similar Leads for more sales prospects!

Besides identifying your website visitors you can also gather Similar Leads based on industry and location. This way you can expand your list of prospects with similar companies who can also be interested to do business with you.
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